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3D Filament NEW PLA


We sell this filament directly to:

  • Business Customers

With the following prices:

  • 16kg /9€* per kg
  • 8kg/10€* per kg

*The current VAT rate is added to the indicated value.

Consult TUCAB to evaluate the possibility of Free Shipping and get a discount on subsequent orders when returning empty spools

Attention We only sell directly to business Customers, if this is not your case, you can purchase the filaments through our resellers.

Orders to with the following information:

  • Full Name/Company Name
  • Delivery adress
  • Billing Address
  • VAT Number
  • Telephone contact
  • In the case of Company Name of Responsible
  • Intended quantities (8kg/16kg/other in multiples of 8)
  • Desired colors (New PLA Available in White and Black)


White and Black


  • High precision
  • Easy handling
  • High rigidity
  • Good adhesion to the table
  • Low probability of stringing
  • No deformation





Test Method


Typical Values


Melt Flow Index (210ºC/2.16 Kg)


ISO 1133-A


8 g/10 min




Literature value


1.24 g/cm3



It’s advisable to use the ventilation system moderataly during the printing process. The values shown arefor guidance only, and may vary according to the equipment and the ambient temperature.




Typical Values


Extruder Temperature


200+/-10 ºC


Print Bed Temperature




Download ficha técnica
  • newpla-fil3d-tucab-cor-color-branco-white-1-
  • newpla-fil3d-tucab-cor-color-branco-white-2-