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13 Mai 2021

How do we monitoring the quality of tucab products?

Quality is essential in any company to satisfy customers, differentiate itself from the competition and position itself in the market. 

Tucab is fully aware of this, and all our concerns converge on a single objective: The quality of our products. 

At Tucab, the Quality Department carries out a rigorous control of the products on a daily basis, in order to deliver the best to our customers. 

Our products are subject to careful monitoring of their specifications such as length, diameter, thickness, width, visual appearance, weight, etc…, this monitoring being defined and documented in specific quality control records. 

We have a wide range of measuring equipment, which are periodically subject to metrological calibration or verification by accredited bodies, such as:

  • Diameter gauges in the FIL3D line and in the medical-hospital lines, which continuously record the external diameter of our products, allowing us to check on-time the conformity of the product throughout production; 

  • Force caliper, which allows control of the pressure exerted on the product, and due to the low force exerted, it guarantees accurate measurements (mainly on flexible products);

  • Caliper with wireless data transmission, automatically recording the measured data in an excel sheet;

  • Internal micrometer with 3 contact tips ideal and accurate for measuring internal diameters.

We also have a support laboratory equipped with: 

  •  A spectrometer (FTIR) that allows us to check the composition and identify the raw material;

  • An analytical balance that determines the density of raw material and product;

  • A moisture meter to guarantee the compliance of our raw materials that are affected by moisture content.

With all these equipments mentioned above, TUCAB manages to carry out a rigorous quality control, and we are continuously investing in improvements to offer the best solutions and with the best quality. 

Are you interested in our products? Discover all our brands of Profiles, Tubes, Sealants and also our Filaments for 3D Printing HERE. I hope this article has helped you to understand the importance that our customers and the quality of our products have for Tucab. 

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