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7 Dezember 2022

TUCAB the ideal company to purchase Crystal PVC Tube

TUCRIS - Crystal PVC Tube

Plastic products have gained space over the years, being one of the most used in the industry. This increase in consumption is mainly due to the low cost of plastic, reduced weight, high resistance, and easy modification of shapes and colors.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most widely used polymers in the world. Its main application is in tubes. It can be classified as rigid or flexible.


Crystal PVC Tube and its production process

TUCAB is a company specialized in the development of plastic tubes and profiles, including PVC Cristal tube. All our products are manufactured through the extrusion process, which involves filling the extruder funnel with PVC Cristal, which will give rise to the PVC Cristal tube, which will fall on a screw inside a cylinder heated by electrical resistances, causing that the material passes through three zones: feeding, compression and dosing. At the end of the cylinder, the material passes through the steel screens, so that they hold the impurities and, after that, the material passes to the matrix where the PVC Cristal tube takes its final shape.

With the ease of modeling plastic, its characteristics become mechanical and intermediate between the values ​​corresponding to rubbers and fibers. Thus, it is possible to see that products previously made with other materials such as metal and wood are now replaced by plastic.


TUCAB the ideal company to purchase Crystal PVC Tube

The best place to buy crystal PVC tube is at TUCAB, a company that has been operating in the market for over 25 years, serves the entire national territory, is synonymous with quality and a specialist in the production of crystal PVC tube. Continuously investing in the modernization of all processes and with highly qualified labor, TUCAB always works with the objective of meeting the customer's needs, leaving it up to him to decide the tube size, dimensions and thickness.

Characteristics of our PVC Cristal tubes

• Resistant to the action of fungi, bacteria, insects and rodents

• Resistant to most chemical reagents

• Good thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation

• Impermeable to gases and liquids

• Weather resistant

• Does not propagate flames: it is self-extinguishing

• Non-toxic, inert and safe

• The material complies with the REACH regulation

• Recyclable Product

• Durable: useful life in constructions over 50 years


For more information about TUCAB's PVC Cristal tube, contact us at 

+351 244 613 079 or by email