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8 June 2022

Non-toxic tubes made from PVC or SEBS

Non-toxic tubes made from PVC or SEBS

Our non-toxic PVC and SEBS pipes were considered CONFORMING (a) in tests to evaluate the influence of plastic pipes on water intended for human consumption due to migration (carried out with chlorinated water at 23°C and non-chlorinated water at 85°C). 

The tests were carried out by a laboratory accredited by IPAC 

The following characteristics were evaluated Odour and Flavour, Colour and Turbidity

  1. In accordance with Decree-Law 306/2007of 27 August, amended by Decree-Law 152/2017, of 7 December and with Annex A of the "Draft Regulation establishing the conditions of the Approval Scheme in Portugal for products in contact with water intended for human consumption" of ERSAR

Application of Non-toxic Pipes

To be incorporated into the fittings that carry hot and cold water in taps or showers. 

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