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All Tucab concerns converge on a single goal:



All of Tucab's concerns converge on one objective: the quality of its products. As such, it has a laboratory where the raw materials are analyzed taking into account the characteristics of the product to which they will originate and tests are also carried out on the finished product. Allied to this, we are a company that holds the certificates for the following standards and product certificates:

 ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality management system

ISO 14001 - environmental quality management system (EMS)

ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

(Applied to the design, marketing, production and delivery of products for multiple sectors of activities, such as pipes for air, water and gas conduction, central vacuum, automotive wiring, coatings and profiles for the wood industry, leather goods, carpets , awnings and aluminum. )

NP 4457 - Research, Development and Innovation Management (IDI)

(Applied to industrial research, experimental development and innovation in solutions for extruded products from polymers, namely tubes, profiles, seals and 3D printing filaments)

ISO 13485: 2016 - Manufacture of non-sterile medical tubes for non-active medical equipment from third parties

(Applied to the production of non-sterile medical tubes for non-active, third-party medical equipment)

ISO 14644 - White Room level 8

EN 16436-1: 2014 - Tubes for Butane Gas 8 mm and 9 mm

NP 4436: 2005 - Pipes for Natural Gas



To develop and manufacture products that help our customers meet the needs of their customers, guaranteeing the respect and satisfaction of the company's stakeholders, ensuring results that allow the company to expand within a framework of innovation and Continuous Improvement, in the compliance with legal and customer requirements. Comply with all applicable requirements related to ISO 13485, as well as other applicable legislation, in the scope of production of accessories for medical devices (PVC pipes).


To be the reference partner in the transformation of plastics, in the various processes of development and production, in order to contribute to the success of our clients.


- Customer Satisfaction: Have your preference because without them there will be no business. 

- Respect for People: To value them, commit them and respect them because they will always be our priority. 

- Confidentiality Guarantee: We assume the total confidentiality of our customers' information. 

- Teamwork: Together we will make the company stronger. 

- Social Responsibility: We are committed to contribute to a more just society, with increased attention to the most disadvantaged and the institutions that support them. 

- Respect for the Environment: We adopt environmental behaviors in order to help future generations to inherit a healthier planet. 

- Ethical Activity: We conduct our relationships by the highest standards of ethics and honesty.

ISO 9001:2015




Quality is built on an excellence and quality production policy at competitive prices, the approach of Tucab is based on the partnership with its customers and their preferences.