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3 March 2022

TUCAB stands out for the innovation of its production process and products

TUCAB stands out for the innovation of its production process and products

Innovation is a constant in TUCAB's daily life, both in the development of new products and in the resolution of problems and improvement of our productive process. 

Innovation in the Productive Process

Our production process is monitored on a daily basis so as to guarantee the validation of the requirements of the product in production, and when deviations from conformity are identified, an exhaustive analysis of the process parameters is carried out in order to correlate them.

The extrusion production process is a complex process with a high number of variables, and often, due to the influence of external variables (such as ambient temperature) it is largely affected, eventually generating non-conformities. The mission of the innovation department at TUCAB is also to study the production processes of its tubes, profiles and seals, targets for significant deviations, and implement improvement actions aimed at minimizing changes that may occur, enhancing the stability of the production process, which will culminate in compliance with product requirements and customer satisfaction.

At TUCAB, we believe that our processes are not static, and as we innovate and learn of new developments, we immediately analyse existing processes and adapt the knowledge acquired to them. 

Innovation focused on the circular economy and sustainability of our processes

TUCAB has a strong focus on Innovation in its production process with regard to Circular Economy and Sustainability of the processes, ensuring the reintroduction of all production waste. We are aware that the reintroduction of waste is an action of high importance to minimise the amount of waste generated by TUCAB, however, this process of introducing waste in the production process often has to be accompanied by feasibility studies in order to analyse the results and adapt the process, ensuring that the correct incorporation ratio is defined, which guarantees the stability of the production process and compliance with the necessary specifications.Translated with (free version)

This waste reintroduction process allows for a highly important synergy between Innovation and environmental concern, since TUCAB is also certified by ISO 14001 - Environmental Quality Management System.

Certification by NP 4457 - Research, Development and Innovation Management System

TUCAB's innovation philosophy is supported by the culture of resilience that is instilled in TUCAB daily , as well as certification by NP 4457 - Research, Development and Innovation Management System, which was achieved in 2019.

Innovative products

The presence of innovation in the day-to-day of TUCAB culminates in the production of innovative products, which can be proud of being the only company in the Portugal territory that has:

  • Filament production for 3D printing, FIL3D
  • White Room (Clean Room) certified for the production of medical-hospital tubes through the extrusion process, which is supported by the certification of its Quality Management System for Medical Devices in accordance with ISO 13485;
  • Production of polyamide 6 corrugated tubes.

If you have a Tubes, Profiles and Seals project and you need a partner with an innovative spirit, TUCAB has the knowledge and adequate infrastructure to respond to your needs.

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Joana Azevedo

Diretora da Produção e da Inovação