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25 January 2023

Tips on how to make a good use of your gas pipe

Check the expiration date

This tube has a shelf life of 5 years, defined by the manufacturing standard. It is important to regularly check the product markings and replace them. The replacement must be done by certified installers. Don’t forget to activate the gas shutoff and keep the area airy.

Use the pipe appropriately

The durability of the tube is directly related to its use, with special attention to the accessories and tools applied. The misuse of the product may shorten its lifespan and even cause it not to last until its expiration date.

The pipe has a specific purpose - natutal, propane and butane gas - its use for other purposes

jeopardizes its performance.


if it’s damaged, replace it

If the pipe is damaged, it should be replaced immediately , even if it is within the expiration date.

Know what to choose

When choosing the gas pipe, check if it is cer tified. Make sure the product is cer tified by an accredited entity that follows the standards in for CE. Trust Tugás:

PROPANO 8X18 TUGAS are certified according to the standard EN 16436-1:2014+A3:2020

8X15 and 9X17 BUTANE TUGS are certified according to the standard EN 16436-1:2014+A3:2020

TUGAS NATURAL is certified according to the standard NP 4436:2005