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29 December 2021

Tucab wishes you a Happy New Year

Another year comes to an end, another cycle closes, now is the time to evaluate what was left behind and review the plans that were drawn up, the path that was travelled and the goals and objectives that were achieved in order to learn from the mistakes made and renew everything that went well. 

2021, was without a doubt, a year full of challenges and constant tests of our capacity and resilience. Going through such a difficult period was not unique to our company, but 2021, was undoubtedly the most difficult year for the industry in this century.

We had to deal simultaneously with several extremely complex problems, such as the brutal increases in the cost of raw materials combined with their scarcity, the almost daily records that the cost of energy has been successively breaking, currently at its highest level ever, the very serious labour shortage that the country is facing, the pandemic that we all thought we had overcome, when in fact it is more and more widespread, and to complete this complex list of challenges, the plastics industry has been faced with the arduous task of reconciling the use of plastic, indispensable in our daily lives, with the environment and the oceans.Translated with (free version)

With all these challenges and the fact that we have managed to get this far, it is a sign that we have not turned our faces to the fight, that the expression resignation is not part of the vocabulary of Portuguese companies, and that is also the DNA of the Tucab team.

Undoubtedly, only a fighting team, united and with know-how, can overcome all these difficulties. For all this, many thanks to our employees, who have been extremely dedicated, an enormous acknowledgement to our clients who, despite the constraints with delivery deadlines and prices, have kept their confidence in our company and, finally, a word of appreciation to our stakeholders, whose partnerships have enabled Tucab's evolution. Translated with (free version)

It is with this spirit of doing, of innovating, of never giving up and of always standing by our customers that we will face 2022. As Tucab's year is made up of customers, employees and suppliers, we need everyone to make 2022 a year of excellence. And we wish you all a very healthy year, full of achievements and may your dreams come true.

Happy New Year!

Américo Coelho

Gerente Tucab